There are many options for you to sharpen your Atlas navigation skills. Most of these tools are also found on the navigation tab in Atlas. (No www)

The default password is opportunity (all lower case).

Atlas department checklists

If your department wants to print out and handwrite on the Atlas checklist, here's the file.

If you choose to work on the file electronically, use this version. I changed the font sizes a bit.
Instructions for the department level curriculum mapping checklist:

Write in the courses and teachers that correspond with each course.

Prioritize courses within your department. Indicate your choices in the far left column.

Using a highlighter, highlight horizonatally across high priority rows. The highlighting will indicate what you think you can realistically accomplish today as a dept.
Do not highlight the rows for all courses. Start with the highest priority classes.

As the day progresses, check off the cells as you finish sections within each class.

Please give a copy of the checklist to T and L at the end of the day today. It will be helpful when planning upcoming sessions.

Quick Start Guide - with screen shots

Video Instructions
When you log in to Atlas, go to the info tab. Below is a screen shot of the videos available to watch on the info tab. Each video clip is about 2 or 3 minutes.

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