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There are several key sources of materials specifically designed for gifted students.



Science Fair tools

Article: Science Fairs for Gifted Kids
Project Ideas
Science Buddies
Earth Science- Science Fair Projects
Science Fair Club
Visitor Guides
FCAT mentor
Solar power project ideas
Science Fair Water Topics
News article
Science Fair Sanity

Social Studies

  • Teaching guides from the College of William and Mary

The Research Project Calculator offers students a simple and comprehensive five-step model for navigating the research process. The skills involved in this process will prepare students not only to conduct scholastic research, but to make life decisions. This is a project jointly funded by Minitex and MnLINK. Visit the Research Project Calculator through the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) Website.


  • research process
  • Jacob's Ladder Comprehension program
  • Navigator book series
  • Springboard curriculum guides
  • Junior Great Books
  • Royal Fireworks Press
  • Teaching Guides from the College of William and Mary CFGE_LA_Matrix.gif