What teaching methods/priorities do we want the environmental science 9 course to include?

  • Project-based learning (long-term)
  • Learning to write as scientists
  • Students using technology often as part of their learning- specifically, Verneir probes
  • Active engagement in class
  • Learning to read as scientists

That means we will need:

  1. Teachers manuals with cds that have test/practice questions to upload directly to moodle
  2. A clear understanding of how to use vernier probes
  3. Means to engage students who don't want to participate at all
  4. Something for students to read
  5. Clear plans for common labs or assessments- what is required? What is optional based on teacher choice?
  6. Gradual release of responsibility for labs (writing and or design) from teacher to student
  7. Moodle applications from the different science disciplines

Science literacy maps

This is a human bio lab using the Vernier probes.

High school Environmental science course:
Homework policy?
Look at other verneir labs
Finish the data entry in Atlas
  1. Special ed and ELL
  2. Technology integration use?
  3. Big project – cumulative or at the end?

Interesting water quality unit plan from Boston area: http://learnweb.harvard.edu/ent/gallery/pop4/pop4_2.cfm

Biology websites