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Our Curriculum Development Process

Groups at the Step
Amount of Time
Evaluate current course
Elementary Band
MCA Reading and Writing
Engineering 3-12
Elementary Excel
Pre AP Civics, Pre AP Geography
Pre AP English 9, 10
0-4 hours
Brainstorm future course components
Advanced Women's Choir
Yearlong Media Arts
Elementary Phy Ed
2 hours
Investigate teaching resources
Heritage Spanish
Pre AP English and SS 6-8
Video and Animation
Black Music in America
Pre AP Physics and Engineering
4 hours
Map out course using UBD and Atlas
CMS Drumline
Pre AP Math 6-8
Geo Political Issues
HS Science Course Revisions
8 hours
Course Map Revisions
Environmental Science 9
HS Leadership Academy
Pre AP Science 6-8
2 hours
Generate list of classroom resources

2 hours
Resource ordering

2 hours
Finalize unit planning,
familiarize yourself with the teaching materials

4 hours

  • Is the pace of our science classes too slow for some of our kids?
  • We talk a lot about the failure rate of our high school students. What about the rate of kids not trying? Some don't even choose to enter the game. What can be done to motivate or hook those kids?